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ABC of Work from Home – 5 Ways to Increase your Productivity

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August 24, 2020
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ABC of Work from Home – 5 Ways to Increase your Productivity

Our biggest and worst enemy, COVID-19, has brought about an unprecedented social experiment for executives – ‘working from home’. While this is not a new concept, it has become a compulsion, more than a choice. For the longest time ever, working remotely had been a choice restricted for a specific group of employees, such as nursing mothers or senior-level executives.

However, working remotely has its share of pros and cons. Besides, keeping one safe from exposure to COVID -19 infection, remote working offers many other benefits such as – saving travel time, higher energy levels and increased family time. At the same time, many employees seem to be struggling to get away from all the distractions around them at home, as homes don’t offer a ‘professional zone’.

Here are five proven productivity tips for efficient planning so that your days in your ‘home office’ are as productive as always!


People often underestimate the power of clothing and how it impacts productivity. The idea of spending your days working in your ‘pyjamas’ may seem tempting, but when you consider that it could have a negative impact on your productivity, you’re bound to change your mind.

Dressing up smartly in formal wear, mentally prepares you to work.  Moreover, since you are working remotely, you may have to go on video calls for meetings, so it’s best to be dressed appropriately. You could get ready just the way you would to go to the office, in a stipulated time frame. Pretend and feel as if you’re actually at your office desk. This will help you to get into the‘work-mode’ instantly, without much effort.

Business as Usual:

Research shows that inconsistent waking hours can significantly disrupt your sleeping patterns, impact your health and your productivity. So it’s best to follow the same routine as you normally would when you were going to work, even though you do not need to spend those hours travelling to the office.

You will realize that when you wake up as you would on a work day at the office, you’ll also get more time in the morning to complete chores, such as laundry or house cleaning as well as activities such as exercising.

Further, plan your day before it actually starts! List out your priorities and make a daily to-do list.

Schedule start-of-the-day calls with your seniors, as well as your team members and update them about your plans for the day and the meetings that you’ll be attending. Share your calendar with them, so that they know when exactly they can call you if they need your opinions or advice on work-related issues.

Besides increasing your productivity, these simple tasks will also leave you feeling more satisfied by the end of the day.

Create a Positive Mindset:

We can’t ignore the fact that these are very unique and challenging times for all of us. It’s very natural to feel apprehensive/anxious or a sense of panic, due to the current crisis.

Whatever you focus on grows; so, it’s best to focus on your goals and targets. Immerse yourself in work, just as you would have been working from office. Keep acknowledging the benefits of working from home and rather than getting overwhelmed by the uncertainty created by the crisis, use these Three Effective Ways to Achieve a Mindset Shift.


Dedicated Work Space:

It is important to create a dedicated space to work effectively and ensure productivity. This could mean a room or work station within your home, but at the same time, away from the televisionand bed. You could also decorate your desk with office supplies and motivational quotes to help you remain focused.

Keep your work station organized and clean, and ensure that it is near a source of power supply with a charging station to charge your devices. Furthermore, ensure that you use this ‘dedicated home-office’ only for office work and not for any other purpose.

Ensure Work Life Balance:

Indefinite closure of schools and extracurricular activity centers has put most parents in a very challenging situation – managing their kids all day long. The situation has become even more challenging since parents are left with no option other than working remotely. It’ll be good if you could charter a plan for keeping your children occupied, while you could focus on your work.

The silver lining is that working from home offers a unique opportunity and with some specialized executive business coaching services to train you to find that perfect work-life balance, you can spend more time with your family. In fact, ‘flexibility at work’ is one of the most significant advantages of working remotely. So instead of making one available round the clock, takethis as an opportunity to strike the perfect work life balance.


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