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December 2, 2020

Five Ways to Create a New Business Plan in the “New Normal”

Achieving targets is all about goal planning, adaptability, action and self-discipline.  Nothing has put those skills to the test like […]
October 19, 2020
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Strategies for Achieving Productivity Goals, Health & Safety

The novel coronavirus seems to be causing a novel fear – ‘Fear of Going to Work’. So, as the world […]
October 12, 2020
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The Four Secrets of Being Effective in the Virtual World

As the uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow, people all across the globe are learning to cope up […]
September 23, 2020
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Three Cs for Realigning Your Goals after the Corona Crisis

The Coronavirus Pandemic and the subsequent, unprecedented global lockdown has obliterated expectations that we can work towards the goals that […]
August 31, 2020

Simple Ways to Stay Positive during Challenging Times

The economic crisis created by the corona pandemic has sent huge panic waves crashing into the shores of many countries. […]
August 24, 2020

ABC of Work from Home – 5 Ways to Increase your Productivity

Our biggest and worst enemy, COVID-19, has brought about an unprecedented social experiment for executives – ‘working from home’. While […]
August 24, 2020

Three Effective Ways to Achieve a Mindset Shift

Your mindset, your beliefs and your thoughts affect everything in your life – from what you think and feel to […]
July 30, 2020

How to Plan a Career Transition during the Corona Pandemic?

Will our lives ever be the same again? In the last few weeks, COVID-19 has already changed our world. Come […]
February 17, 2020

Leadership – It’s A Lifestyle, Not A Title!

Let me share some valuable insights which I gathered over the many years of my journey in Leadership Development. It […]
October 31, 2019
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Individualized Development – A balanced path to Executive Coaching

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