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Clifton Strengthsfinder Coaching (Gallup)

Strengths based development is unique in its approach and outcome. It is based on simple notion that a person’s talents do more than just make him or her, a unique individual. It is unique in the sense that it builds on one’s areas of greatest potential rather than seeking to shore up weakness. While there is nothing wrong with, we are being aware of our weaknesses and managing them, but our biggest opportunity of success lies in building on our natural talents and not just fixing our weakness. Our greatest talents can be the way in which we most naturally think, feel, behave and represent our innate power and potential. When we tap into this source of wisdom and power, we are more efficient, we act with more confidence. There is a sense of direction and hope, and we are more productive.

I, as a coach, help coachee to recognize their inherent talents and becoming aware of how they are using those talents subconsciously and automatically. This exercise gives them a perspective about how these talents have supported their life. Understanding nuances of such talents allows them to further nurture their talents, hence grow, develop and succeed. I also support my coachee to strategize how dominant talent can be used to support the approach of resolving challenges and finding ways to manage or work around his or her lesser talents.

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