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Growth Planning for 2021 – New ‘New Year Resolutions’

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Growth Planning for 2021 – New ‘New Year Resolutions’

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Finally, it’s time to put 2020 behind us! Finally, it’s time to get on with planning New Year resolutions and create growth plans for 2021.


In order to thrive, growth is essential, because if you’re not growing, you are dying!

Unlike previous years, 2020 delivered more challenges than ever before. Though Covid-19 may have exposed our strengths and weaknesses, it has also opened new avenues for growth and success.

The pandemic gave rise to startups and young leaders started getting indulged in projects that they were curious about. Difficult times opened doors to their quest.  CEO Coaching would help individuals who have discovered their passion or looking for a long-awaited break.

As 2021 unfurls before you like a blank canvas, why not start afresh by addressing a pent-up desire to position yourself for future success. Let this New Year be the opportunity for sustainable and reliable growth.

And as you all plan for 2021 you might definitely need more than hope.  However, hope alone won’t lead to growth. Achieving your growth targets will require a well thought of, scalable growth plan. Developing an actionable growth generating formula is essential to your ultimate success.

Now, before you start developing the formula for your growth, it would be a good idea to answer the following questions:

  • What is it that you really want and how do you want to feel?
  • Will your New Year resolutions help you achieve that feeling or desire?
  • What is your present state of energy and what type of energy do you want to create?
  • Are you operating from a space of lack or abundance, complaint or gratitude? Change your attitude, change your life!
  • What impact will your resolution have on your future? What will happen when you accomplish it?

New you – Agile & Adaptable

Every crisis provides individuals with an opportunity to examine the good/bad/ugly, the right moves, the mistakes, how it was handled, and what to incorporate in the future. Agility and adaptability have been pivotal to survival and recovery during the pandemic.

People who could quickly adapt and mould themselves to the changing world experienced a lesser impact than others. Therefore, it is imperative to factor adaptability into your 2021 plans. The flexibility of goals and strategies can help stabilize your growth even if the corona crisis worsens before it goes away.

Embracing Reality

Considering the current unprecedented times and uncertain economy, it is difficult to predict the future. So it is important for individuals and organizations to embrace reality and develop a plan based on the existing environment and the conditions around.

To help determine the current state of affairs, you could conduct a thorough analysis of the past year, understand your strengths & weaknesses in new light and then, devise a long-term plan for 2021.

It may sound cliché but one well-known technique is the SWOT analysis – an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The findings from your SWOT analysis can potentially identify areas that need additional boost and others that might have to be changed or eliminated to maximize resources and success.

What if” – Plans for unusual scenarios

With many unknowns lurking, due to the continued resurgence of Covid19, it would be better to prepare modest and more conservative plans – including some ‘what-if’ plans for unusual situations that may arise. Keeping in mind various scenarios, devise a long-term strategy that will help you to navigate the hurdles better, if or when they occur. However, avoid overthinking

The pandemic has afforded many people a great opportunity to rise to the occasion, examine their lives and learn many lessons along the way. It’s time to seize the opportunity now and get a head start on your 2021 growth plan. Your past experiences are learnings, which will help you position yourself for success, with any necessary tweaks, in this dynamic environment.

Well, as we draw the curtain on 2020 and reset for 2021 with guarded optimism, let’s all feel a renewed sense of positivity and put the best foot forward!

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Happy New Year!

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