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How to Plan a Career Transition during the Corona Pandemic?

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February 17, 2020
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How to Plan a Career Transition during the Corona Pandemic?

Will our lives ever be the same again?

In the last few weeks, COVID-19 has already changed our world. Come to think of it – the magnitude and speed at which things around us have changed is unbelievable!Besides derailing the global economy, the coronavirus crisis has also decimated employment and job opportunities and has got many asking some critical career change coaching questions.The Corona Crisis has forced us allto change our long-standing habit patterns, routines and perspectives, even our world view – such fundamental changes in such a short period of time!

While every country is at a different stage of the pandemic, businesses world over are struggling to tackle the situation. Laid off employees and those searching for new opportunities are now using the services of career transition coaching companyto seamlessly shift into a new and more sustainable line of work.

As an executive, you couldtake this transition as an opportunity for your own career transition- redefining who you are and what you do.In this dynamic situation, you may be in danger of redundancy or in imminent danger of losing your job or you may be simply reflecting on what your career might look like in the “new normal”.

Today, executives at any stage in their career could take this period to evaluate and approach a career transition specialistor a career coach online if they believe it is time to shift their work focus on having a more meaningful “career transition”.The issue with a ‘career change’ is that it’s an external manifestation in the form of a variation in job whereas a career transition is more about an internal shift wherein you reach a point where you let go of an assumption or image and are ready to pursue a latent passion or a long lost dream.

Here are three steps that can help you plan a smooth career transition:

  1. Identify Career Stage –

Which stage of career are you on –Before consulting a career coach, one must identify as to which stage of career are they on? Whether it is Early Establishment, Mid Management or Super senior level?

  • Early Establishment is a phase of experimentation and learning, wherein you acquire versatility through a variety of experiences. However, your aim should be to learn from role models, achieve expertise, cultivate a reputation and identify your niche.
  • Mid Management – Having played your professional cards right so far, you possibly have a job that embodies a great match between you and the organization you work for. If a new job opportunity comes your way, you may take it up after taking into consideration a few parameters such as –
  • Your increasing importance as you move up the ladder
  • Networking potential
  • Learning and growth opportunities
  • Visibility in the organization
  • Strategic relevance or having an impact on the bottom line of the organization.
  • At a later stage in their careers, executives often begin to ponder over the legacy they wish to leave behind. Sometimes their primaryobjective could be to mentor others, make a difference to their lives and even take on a consultative role by opening a career coaching centre. Usually, during this stage, job security is likely to be at its lowest, especially in times of a crisis like the one we’re currently experiencing.
  1. Develop the Right Attitude

Irrespective of whichever stage you are in your career,depending on your attitude you may perceive the Corona Crisis as a time of huge uncertainty or huge possibility. Experts who run career transition coaching company feel that the pandemic has opened up a huge plethora of possibilities for all executives, mentors and coaches.Being a career coach, they recommend that as an executive, you simply need to think deep about what you would like to create for yourself – driven by your passion, your desires, your needs and wants.

This time of global uncertainty may not be the best time for a career transition right now, but it’s certainly the best time to plan one.

  1. Create the Map Ahead

 One of the most critical advice is to follow your passion to pursue your dreams and ambitions and fuel it using the Purpose that drives you. The key focus has to be on creating a road map and walking the talk!

Read more about ‘how to reinvent your career during corona’ in our upcoming blog.

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