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How Well do I Know Myself? Taking the First Step Towards Self-Awareness

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How Well do I Know Myself? Taking the First Step Towards Self-Awareness

It might be easy for us to say that we know ourselves well and that no one can know us better. Yes, it is true. We are most familiar with ourselves but sometimes our ‘True’ self gets hidden behind society’s expectations and our own experiences.

We do not grow up alone

From the moment we are born, we become a part of our family, a community, a culture, and ultimately the larger society. Our imaginations get influenced by our environment from the very beginning. We are given a name, assigned a gender, and are nurtured to grow up into successful human beings. We should also not ignore the role that our own talents, thoughts, and physiological characteristics play in what we become as adults.

We do know ourselves, but often our acknowledgment of our own potential gets restricted by our understanding of the external society. The social settings in which we grow up further enable this gap.

Me or them?

Looking at the ‘Self’ from the point of view of others may cloud our idea of who we are. Sometimes we get so engrossed in fulfilling others’ dreams rather than fulfilling our own dreams that may make our lives a little less happy.

We may lead successful lives but does it really guarantee happiness and peace in the true sense?

Me and Myself…

Self Awareness today helps in many effective ways to lead a better and happier life. We tend to find faults in ourselves as we grow older which may affect our confidence and ultimately our work-life balance. But ain’t we more than our faults? What if I am ready to work on my weaknesses? Isn’t that a strength? What about our strengths?

We are continuously judged by the people around us. Opinions don’t cost a penny, but can affect a person in many ways. It is important to build a fort around our identity to keep it unbreachable. Our knowledge of our own potential is always more powerful than others’ opinions. It is the base of our existence, stronger the better.

From the CEO of a company to a newly appointed executive, every individual needs to build a strong foundation for this fort to survive for the longest time. The question remains, when, where, how and with whom?

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