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Leadership – It’s A Lifestyle, Not A Title!

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Leadership – It’s A Lifestyle, Not A Title!

Let me share some valuable insights which I gathered over the many years of my journey in Leadership Development.

It is of paramount importance to be grounded on the fact that there is no right and wrong kind of leadership. More often than not, it is the gravity of a situation which gives birth to its consequent leadership. One cannot objectify the process of becoming a leader as it is similar to climbing a pyramid – you can climb from any side you want, however you want, but you will still reach the same summit. You cannot let anyone deter you from the path you have taken just because it has not been travelled before. With my studies and experiences of leadership journey, I found following 5 key elements of Leadership:


  1. Leadership is Balance: True leaders maintain harmony in all aspects of their lives, be it personal, social or professional. However, manifesting this harmony demands great behavioural changes and perception shifts on self, others and environment.
  2. It is Courage & Authenticity: In a world where everybody wears a mask, a true leader is someone who is courageous enough to be authentic. Every great leadership book talks about authenticity in leadership, meaning, a Leader who is self-aware of their strengths as well as shortcomings and knows how to make up for them. Authentic leadership requires courage to embrace all your vulnerabilities
  3. It is not a Destination, it’s a Journey: It is a continuous journey of self-improvement and self-contentment. A leader’s work is never really over because they are ever-evolving, always striving to be better than yesterday – all the while celebrating each moment for what it is.
  4. Leaders are all about Others: a traditional leader is someone who takes care of their own goals while managing a group of people, but a true leader is someone whose goal is to take care of those very people. It is only because leaders understand that caring for their people will eventually lead in goal fulfilment. After all, a happy work environment induces an employee to work harder.
  5. Have you figured out your True North? – The direction ‘North’ is the frame of reference which helps in navigating. Similarly, whenever you set a goal, ask yourself ‘why are you doing this?’ and what are your intentions behind working towards your goal? The reason behind asking yourself these questions is because the answers to these questions will serve as your reference point and guiding factor. During times of uncertainty, low morale and confusion – remembering why you started in the first place will keep you focused and going.

Coach Amitava Pal

Possessing an experience of 30+ years in the corporate world amongst senior level executives and organisational leaders, my main goal has always been to help others reach higher levels of success. If you are searching for a mentor who can provide you with practical guidance and actionable insights, then reach out to me at pal.amitava@gmail.com

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