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Simple Ways to Stay Positive during Challenging Times

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Simple Ways to Stay Positive during Challenging Times

The economic crisis created by the corona pandemic has sent huge panic waves crashing into the shores of many countries. From the gloomy WHO reports to the overall global sentiment, it is evident that the increasing numbers succumbing to the Coronavirus Disease have dashed whatever hope that was left for economic recovery.

Now, besides the plethora of health risks that the coronavirus has exposed us to, it has pushed careers into a very vulnerable state too. Unemployment rates are increasing and so are unprecedented salary cuts.  Many entrepreneurs, working professionals and students are now undergoing leadership coaching courses in order to better acclimate themselves to the changing economic scenario.

Each one of us is going through very unique and challenging times, but remember- we always have a choice no matter what the circumstances may be!

Here are five simple ways to stay positive during such challenging times:

Take Responsibility

It is easy to slip into the ‘victim mode’ during tough times, rather than taking responsibility for yourself. However, feeling like a victim will only prolong your suffering. It may even put off people who might be trying to reach out to you, to help you out. Moreover, the ‘victim label’ might be filling you up with resentment and bitterness, which could be blocking up your creative energy – the very energy that you need to get out of the situation.

Stay Away From Negative News

Constantly feeding negative or gloomy news into one’s mind or discussing negative issues and talking about how major they are, is potentially hazardous. Negative news is enough to make even a child panic for no reason. Hearing or reading such news not once, but ten times during the day from different sources, in different versions from every gadget that you own, can be very damaging.

Because…Whatever you focus on grows!

No matter how adverse the situation may be, there are always some positives one can find in it. Isn’t it our unwillingness to look at them that blind us to look at the brighter side? Often, we become so enmeshed in the situation that all we can see is the problem, so it becomes difficult for us to stay positive.

One way to move forward is – to step away from the issue. Take a breather, and give yourself a day off to focus on things that make you happy and enrich your life. Once you become mindful of positive things in life, you’re bound to feel grateful for even seemingly insignificant things. And that’s when you’ll notice even more things to be grateful for.

With this fresh focus and positive attitude you will be able to tackle the problem with renewed energy.


Role Play 

We’re often better at helping others, than ourselves. So try playing this little trick with your mind. To make the situation more objective and less personal, just consider – what if it were someone else in the same situation? Let’s say it was your best friend, partner or colleague. How would you perceive the same challenge and what advice would you offer to them? This will help you shift your perspective and rise above the problem to get a solution.

Reach Out

Do you know of other people or colleagues who might be badly affected by the pandemic? Some might have lost their jobs because their companies were put out of business, while others might have suffered huge losses and are facing salary cuts. It’s a good idea to reach out to them, have positive conversations and motivate each other, rather than complaining about the situation.  You could form a group and discuss new ways of tackling this unique challenge.

Stay safe, Stay positive!


Are you struggling to stay positive during the current climate? In times of uncertainty, having a mentor who is experienced in navigating through unforeseen circumstances can be of great help in keeping your morale high. Coach Amitva, the top leadership coach in India, has a thorough experience in guiding budding entrepreneurs, industry leaders and professionals while refining their leadership skills through his leadership coaching courses. If you need help in manoeuvring the new normal and instill, within you, timeless leadership qualities then reach out to Coach Amitava Pal, an expert leadership coach in India and one of the best professional coaches in Mumbai.

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