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Strategies for Achieving Productivity Goals, Health & Safety

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Strategies for Achieving Productivity Goals, Health & Safety

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The novel coronavirus seems to be causing a novel fear – ‘Fear of Going to Work’. So, as the world prepares to enter yet another phase of ‘unlock’, being productive at work could seem difficult. It is often said that ‘staying focused on ways that are conducive to your productivity is the key to success’.

However, in the current situation, all our attention is being focused on threatening aspects of the pandemic. The fears clouding the mind and the paranoia around catching the infection can be detrimental, especially if one is operating from the ‘safety first’ mentality.

The ultimate goal is to find ways to mitigate your stress and keep yourself and your family safe, while still being productive at work. So, take other precautions to avoid spreading the disease and remain cognizant of the big picture, rather than worrying too much.

Consider this – What if, instead of prioritizing safety over productivity or vice versa, the two could be viewed as goals that can be achieved simultaneously. Safety should never be an afterthought and it also doesn’t have to be associated with loss of productivity. Let’s look at ways by which physical & mental wellbeing, as well as productivity, could be achieved together. Making small changes in our old habit pattern will drastically improve the levels of both!


In this ‘new normal’ wherein even coffee shops and hotels seem unsafe to visit and in-person interactions have been reduced to a bare minimum, one may feel isolated. This can have a negative impact on one’s productivity and engagement.

A proactive approach to combat these impacts can be the game-changer. If you take steps such as connecting with your colleagues and friends, even if they aren’t in close proximity, it can help maintain a sense of community. Utilize your breaks for ‘virtual’ coffee meet-ups, zoom parties along with online gaming and socializing virtually. These may not be the perfect substitute for real community events; nevertheless, such moves can go a long way towards enhancing your productivity at work, without compromising your safety.

As a leader, it becomes important for you to keep a check on the productivity of the employees and help them overcome challenges. At times, even being the leader, you might face certain challenges and wish if you could get guidance so as to motivate yourself and the employees. During these times, a business strategy coach would help you clear your objectives. Coach Amitava is a well-known Leadership Coach in India, who has a remarkable experience in the corporate world. Without any judgements, he would guide to list down your personal and professional objectives and achieve them one by one

A New Way of Being

Doing things the way you’ve always been doing may not be the best practice in this unprecedented situation. In fact, you could consider adapting and realigning your productivity goals. Shifting your perspective from challenge mode to opportunity mode could make you much more productive. Creating a new way of being in the new normal is bound to give a new lease of life to your productivity!

Thinking of your targets could be overwhelming, especially because you are equally concerned about your health and wellbeing. Sometimes, at the end of the day, you might feel burnt out because you might not have been able to accomplish your goals… making it feel as if your productivity has disappeared.

A simple thing you could do is – Discover the naturally most productive time of your day and how you work best.

This is key to achieving your bigger goals. If you’re a morning person, jump into your ‘big tasks’ just when you start your day. Once you discover the sweet spot that works for you, you’ll be absolutely amazed by how much more you can accomplish both in and out of office.

And as you create a daily structure, remember to maintain (or even upscale) normal levels of physical activity both at home and outdoors (where appropriate social distancing is possible). Building the right balance between wellbeing and productivity can significantly improve both.

Every new day brings with it new opportunities and new challenges. Not every day will be perfectly productive. Reward yourself when you’ve achieved your target for the day. However, don’t beat yourself up or punish yourself when things go off track. Instead, refocus your energy and implement these tips.

Stay productive, stay safe!

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