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Systemic Coaching 

Systemic coaching in organisation assesses human relationship dynamics to help people change dysfunctional or unhealthy aspects of human relationship systems. It proposes that if one representative of a human system can recognize and change dysfunctional patterns, other members of that human system are also capable of undergoing change. Systemic coaching works by creating a ‘living map’ of your challenges or current scenario. This can be done in a team workshop using people as moving reference, representing factors within the situation. These ‘living maps’ are referred to as constellations. The simple process of mapping items in relation to each other is often enough to bring about clarity and a fresh perspective. I, as a coach work with the individual or group, usually through questioning or offering short sentences so the coachee or team can better interpret the map. My intuition and ability to provide insightful observations can play a key part in the process.

One of the key ideas behind systemic coaching is that we all belong to many systems (each with different patterns, values and beliefs) through which we make sense of the world. Sometimes these systems conflict with each other, leading to creation of confusion and loyalty issues. To be loyal to one system may require you to be disloyal to another. This happens because we may behave in one way to be accepted by one system and in a different way to be accepted by another. For example, one might be expected to keep the peace at home, where tranquillity is valued, but speak up and be challenging force in an organisation. At subconscious level, this can lead to feelings of internal conflict.

By understanding ourselves in correlation to all the different systems that influence our lives, we can experience greater awareness about our reality. With greater awareness, we can find wider perspective and increased possibilities.

Therefore in organisation’s perspective mapping out the different priorities and approaches that are shaping the business and those within it, we can get a better understanding of one another and align ourselves to work together more effectively.

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