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The Four Secrets of Being Effective in the Virtual World

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The Four Secrets of Being Effective in the Virtual World

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As the uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow, people all across the globe are learning to cope up with a new way of living. While brick-and-mortar retailers, cafes, eateries and entertainment venues are already losing favour among consumers, the economic slowdown has further crippled the market.

The only ones who are best at surviving in this new dynamic environment are those who have already begun to pivot to a digital marketplace. However, there is more to it than just having a functional website and e-commerce presence. What’s more important is the ability to get customers to visit those product pages and sell your wares.

Here are the four secrets of how to be effective in the virtual world… remember these 4As:


The world of digital marketing seems to be in a constant state of flux, not only due to the fast-evolving consumer habits but also because of the increasing sophistication of both the World Wide Web and also its users. In order to be effective in this virtual space, you could develop an attitude wherein you’re open to learning new things – new skills to master and unique hurdles to overcome. Besides being creative and thinking ‘out of the box’, you also need to be ready to look at things from a different perspective, considering the rapid paradigm shift owing to the corona crisis. 

In fact, flexibility is the need of the hour and so you must be equally willing to change and adapt. You need to be prepared to adopt new strategies, which are in tandem with industry best practices, as well as the updated technologies and new trends. 

Advantage of Going Digital 

With most people working from home and staying at home even on weekends, screen time has hit an all-time high, globally. Thus, more and more people are becoming more and more active on digital mediums. This means that businesses now have greater opportunity to grasp their consumer’s attention, across multiple digital channels. Depending on the type of your business and target segment, specific digital channels will be more advantageous than others.


The best strategy is to put into practice is- simply stop and think, talk to your customers if you can, and just understand how this crisis is impacting their buying pattern and behaviour. Based on your study, try to understand how you could connect with your wider consumer base, resolve their challenges and help them. 

Depending upon the impact of the pandemic on your target market, you could connect with your users virtually, in a meaningful way. The most effective and strategic way towards effective digital marketing could be organic social media interactions and providing valuable, relevant content. Be at the right place at the right time!

Attracting Attention

Another important aspect is to keep people engaged and interested in virtual interactions and meetings. Active listening, gaining the listener’s undivided attention and full participation can be achieved if you polish your communication skills, especially with respect to the digital context.

You could attract attention by adding eye-catching visuals, whether it’s your social media posts or on a shared screen. Research shows that when people are concentrating on a visual, they are less likely to be distracted by emails, other tasks or things going on around them.

As a business strategy coach, Coach Amitava has been guiding business owners/ entrepreneurs to take major decisions that would help not only in professional life but one can see a significant difference in personal life as well. His guidance would help you to set your rational thinking into action which helps in facing any challenges.  With his experience and knowledge about this field, Coach Amitava is considered to be the top business coaches in Mumbai.

Hope these simple tools help you to connect better with your clients/customers and draw ‘real’ benefit from the ‘virtual’ platform of marketing!

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