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Three Cs for Realigning Your Goals after the Corona Crisis

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August 31, 2020
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Three Cs for Realigning Your Goals after the Corona Crisis

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The Coronavirus Pandemic and the subsequent, unprecedented global lockdown has obliterated expectations that we can work towards the goals that we created for ourselves prior to the crisis. However, as lockdown measures begin to ease, we can continue to make new plans, realign our goals and be back on track.

Most of us live by the philosophy – ‘We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan’. Thus, the practice of planning and goal setting is hardwired in us. Amidst these uncertainties, it is advisable to take guidance from a coach, hence professionals undergo corporate life coaching with a thought of taking the charge of life. .He helps in l As we embrace this ‘new normal’, let’s use the following ‘3Cs’ to reorient our goals:


The first step towards setting momentous goals is to ensure that you have clarity. When you can clearly articulate what you want from your life, whether it’s your career or personal goals, then you can specifically define your purpose, and take actions towards achieving excellence.

However, considering the current situation, most people are unable to think about the future, which seems clouded by uncertainty. Well, if you lack clarity you might not be able to set clear goals.

So, while creating a new game plan and designing steps to attain significant objectives, remember that you need to be aligned with a ‘futuristic orientation’. Simply put, it means that rather than being in the present and living solely ‘for the moment’, you could consider setting a long-term goal and planning specific actions that help you move towards achieving your goal.

A ‘Futuristic orientation’ conditions your mind in a manner such that it is disciplined to achieve your target. Delayed gratification and looking forward to ‘future rewards’ can be effective in helping you accomplish your goal. On the contrary, immediate gratification and quickly giving in to temptations could steer you away from your goals.


While having clarity is essential, remember that the act of reorienting your goals may be easy, but reaching your target can be daunting. What makes winners stand out is their commitment to a process that works for them – an ongoing and repeatable technique that keeps you moving!

Committing to routine calls for immense discipline. It is often difficult to stay focused, especially, your smartphone is within arms reach, screaming for attention! Consciously or unconsciously we tend to give in to our immediate desires because they seem to offer instant gratification.

Here’s how you could prioritize your long term gain over short term pleasure –

  • Put your goal as your mobile screen saver.
  • Write down your goals on thick cardboard and place it on your work desk or at a prominent position, where you can see it all the time.
  • You could even create a bookmark with your goal written.

All these could be silent (yet highly effective) reminders of your goal!

Create Smaller Milestones-

In order to make your final goal seem less overwhelming, you could create a list of small tasks to create a plan that will lead you to your ultimate goal. So, simply divide your main goal into smaller, attainable objectives. As you attain these milestones and move closer to your goal in an organized, step by step manner, you become more confident and feel more motivated.

Hope these three Cs – Clarity, Commitment & Creating smaller milestones- help you in realigning and achieving your goals.

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