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Three Effective Ways to Achieve a Mindset Shift

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Three Effective Ways to Achieve a Mindset Shift

Your mindset, your beliefs and your thoughts affect everything in your life – from what you think and feel to how you act and react to the world around you.

In all my years as an executive business coach in Mumbai, I believe that one of the most important prerequisites to achieving your goals is to match your mindset with your aspirations, otherwise, it might be limiting you from reaching where you want to reach.

Here are three effective ways to bring about a powerful mindset shift:

  1. Change your Words

Your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings lead you to taking or not taking certain actions- which in turn creates your reality. Changing your inner thought dialogue and the conversation you have been having with yourself, could help break your limiting beliefs. These conversations are a direct reflection of your mindset. If you keep telling yourself that you’re “not good enough”, your thoughts will create your reality and your mindset will hold you back from achieving your dreams. To create that mindset shift, you need to change your negative self-talk into an empowerment speech. It may sound cliché, but telling yourself “I can do this” or “I got this”, really works in encouraging a growth mindset.

In fact, by changing the way you talk to other people could be instrumental in transforming your mindset. Instead of complaining and talking about your problems, make it a habit to talk about the things that are going well in your life. This will help you move from a space of fear and lack, to a world of abundance and growth.

  1. Train Your Brain

Determine a goal that you aspire to achieve. Understanding your goal will help you find deeper motivation to shift your mindset. Now, just take a moment to ask yourself a simple question: “What is the mindset that I need to achieve this goal?”

Once you have determined the mindset you need to have, start creating a new habit pattern and operating from that space. In this manner, you can basically ‘train your brain’ into adopting a new mindset and reinforcing it with your actions, thus, causing a mindset shift and achieving desired results.

  1. Circle of Influence

Do you wish to acquire a mindset that leads you to growth and success? Start surrounding yourself with people who are very successful at what they do and seem to have accomplished their goals. Growth and success come to the one who is inspired enough to go for it!

It is easier to adopt a new mindset and bring about the desired change when you witness that it is already working for people around you. Pick up their positive traits, observe their thought process and adapt yourself to the daily habits that match your new mindset. Your ‘circle of influence’ can have a major impact on your mindset.

Integrating these powerful daily habits will definitely lead to a mindset shift you desire and reinforcing your new thinking with complimentary actions, will ensure that you succeed.

Whenever you’re feeling lost or uncertain about the next steps to take, you can always come back to these three steps to change your mindset. Your new mindset will act as an internal compass, always pointing to the right direction, helping you to move forward towards greater success!


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